Let us focus on the fuel so you can focus on what
really matters.

Halstead Quinn customers lead productive lives. They focus on what matters to them because they don’t have to worry about runouts or after hours breakdowns. Focusing on your fuel needs is our job not yours. Our 365 day - 24 hour repair service ensures that you will get help when you need it. Our automatic delivery service ensures that you always have fuel.

Propane is the versatile fuel for the whole house. It’s many uses include:


Hot Water Heating


Home Heating


Clothes Drying

Pool Heating

Space Heating


Propane offers many advantages over other fuels:

• Flexible appliance and tank locations – great for additions

• Propane is the “green” fuel. It has a cleaner carbon footprint than other fuels.    Additionally there is no risk of environmental contamination from spills.

• Propane is a quiet gas to burn.



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