About Halstead Quinn

Tradition is the tie that binds the generations. Halstead Quinn has been lead by several generations of management and yet it’s not the family story you might expect. Since its inception the business has been involved in several mergers and acquisitions and yet through the ages one founding principle has stood the test of time:

If we serve our customers well they will stay with us. This has proven true. Not only have some of our customers been with us for decades and through several managements, but also, so have some of our staff. Perhaps that is one of the mechanisms that perpetuated Halstead Quinn’s tradition of great customer service through all of its ownerships.

Our business began prior to World War II, when the Young & Halstead Hardware company opened Halstead Oil. After acquiring Quinn Oil, the name Halstead Quinn was born. Eventually, the business was sold to a gentleman named Jim McMann. Jim’s plans for the business were interrupted, however, when he was drafted to serve in the war. Fortunately, Jim recognized an employee, John Mackey, as someone capable of carrying on the tradition of great customer service. Jim made John a partner and John ran the business while Jim served our country. Upon completing his tour of duty, Jim McMann and John Mackey worked together to expand their fuel operation. By the early 1950’s Halstead Quinn added propane to its offerings.

In the 1970’s the Tarricone family acquired Halstead Quinn. By then Halstead Quinn was a respected brand in our communities and the Tarricone family carried on that tradition for over 20 years.

In 2000, Halstead Quinn was introduced to its current management – the Almeida family. The Almeida family’s business roots stemmed from a fuel company in lower Westchester, Almeida Oil. Almeida Oil is a respected brand in its own right, and was founded on the principle of personalized service for all customers. The two companies are a natural fit.

Now with the current management in place for over a decade, the tradition continues as Halstead Quinn leverages the technology of the new millennium to serve you better. With our modern computer and communication systems we can manage your fuel and service needs better than ever before.