Enjoy life. Let us worry about the heat.

You won’t lose sleep worrying about a run-out with our weather conditioned automatic delivery service, which tracks your fuel consumption and ensures that you have fuel in your tank. Our continuous access to our own wholesale fuel terminal ensures that our fuel supplies are not interrupted.

Wherever you are, rest assured your home will be cared for. With our 365 day - 24 hour service, help is just a phone call away.

In today’s volatile economy, consumers are struggling to manage their fuel costs.

Halstead Quinn can minimize fuel costs by offering customized pricing plans. Additionally, we can even out your monthly fuel payments with distributed payment plans.

Today many consumers struggle with repair bills, while their budgets are already stretched thin.

For heating oil customers we offer burner service agreements to help curtail your maintenance and repair expenses. Our selection of burner service agreements are designed to meet your specific equipment and budget requirements. Our burner service agreements include an Annual Tune-up to ensure reliability and to minimize your fuel consumption.

Halstead Quinn provides a variety of fuels and mechanical services that can meet many needs with a single phone call. Contact us now to see how we can satisfy your specific needs.


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