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Halstead Quinn offers Level Billing plans to their customers. These plans allow you to distribute your winter fuel costs throughout the year thus minimizing seasonal cash crunches.

Level Billing Plan

We estimate your annual fuel costs and calculate a monthly payment amount based on 10 equal payments. Your 1st monthly payment would be due August 1st. Your last regular payment would be due May 1st. Sometimes a final reconciliation payment must be made by June 1st if there is any residual balance left. You will not incur finance charges as long as your Level Billing payments are received on time. Customers on automatic delivery are eligible to participate in the Level Billing Plan.

Factors that may influence the accuracy of the budget calculation are:
• Variances in fuel cost per gallon
• Variances in weather from normal seasonal patterns
• Variances in hot water consumption
• Variances in thermostat settings

We review all Level Billing Plans mid year to confirm that the influencing factors (price, consumption, etc.) still hold true and we make adjustments when necessary.

To make it even easier for you we can schedule an automatic EFT (electronic funds transfer). EFT is the electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another. With your permission, we can automatically withdraw your budget payment directly from your checking account via EFT.

Payment Options
Roughly 75% of annual fuel costs occur during the months of November through March.


Pay As You Go
Of course you can forego a Level Billing plan and simply pay for deliveries as you receive them. Our standard credit terms are 15 days from invoice date.

Automatic Payments
Whether you choose a Level Billing plan or Pay As You Go, payments may be made by check or EFT (electronic funds transfer).

If you have a special need, call us to see how we can best serve you.


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